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Fabiana Cantilo was honest about her economic reality: “I spent all my money, I live from day to day”


Fabiana Cantilo He spoke about his financial situation and assured that he has to do at least two shows a month to be able to pay the rent.

The singer spoke with Infobae and acknowledged: “I spent all my money. I have to live from day to day“. When they asked her if she sings for a living today, she was honest: “Yes, and it’s good because otherwise she wouldn’t sing, she’d be lying under a palm tree and she’d suck my egg.”

I have to do at least two shows a month, put it. To pay the rent because on top of that I don’t have a house. I say: ‘Fuck you for being a drug addict’, for being one before. ‘Fuck you for not doing things right.’ “I’m not complaining,” she added.

“Doing all those things, going without sleep and canceling shows makes the producers tell you ‘I’m not going to hire this one at all.’ So, I didn’t have anything like Lali, like Fito, who are organized people, who do well and have the money they deserve because they work, because they are workaholics, too. I don’t. I am lady lazy“he acknowledged Fabiana Cantilo.

Fabiana Cantilo reported that she is harassed

Fabiana Cantilo She spoke about the harassment situation she is experiencing and pointed out the Justice system for not protecting her.

Through her Instagram stories, the singer narrated what happened and assured that she has been going through this for years: “I’m living in a shitty situation… The stalker is back. I had already been back a couple of times and I don’t give a damn, but my hair swelled… Everything is under the lawyer, judge and prosecutor. The guy has a perimeter and he doesn’t have the brains to understand that he doesn’t have to come to my house, and yesterday he was filming my house“.

Justice is slow and women cannot defend themselves. I say this for all those women who do not dare to report. Report, it is the only way for Justice to change. We are asking for a change for safety, at least for the women who report harassment. “It’s slow… I have two lawyers, friends who help me, cameras,” she continued, annoyed.

“I have to resort to this medium, which is you. I choose to be a public person, which is why these people come. This man has been coming to my house for 10 years and giving me gifts… He has an idea in his head that he has a relationship with me, but that doesn’t happen.“said the artist and assured that, despite the perimeter restriction, he appeared to her several times at her house.

“Yesterday he was taking photos of my house, he doesn’t respect the perimeter. So, gentlemen, things are not good. There can’t be so much slowness. In my case, I’ll take it. In reality, It gives me a lot of anxiety but I keep going“, he expressed.

“I have to learn from this, but I also understand that It’s time for them to stop breaking my hair… and to be able to live in my house in peace, as all women want. Don’t let them harass us, don’t abuse us, don’t rape us or touch us.“she concluded desperately Fabiana Cantilo.

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