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Federico Bal gave his feelings prior to the debut of Una de Dos: “There are no hiccups or problems here”


Federico Bal talked with El Pollo Alvarez and The Chinese Leunis about its replacement in Thirteen in the U programswim two, and stressed that he is happy with this new project. In addition, he stressed that there was no problem with the previous driver. -Roberto Moldavsky- and that in fact they are very friends. The debut will be on Monday, May 6.

“We are very happy because it is a very fun program and there is a casting that you have no idea”, began. And he added: “This is an effort by two very beautiful producers who work at El Trece, and that is why we can do it thanks to Adrián Suar, Pablo Codevilla and Coco Fernández, who wanted me to try this a little and make this replacement”.

In the middle of the interview, it appeared rodrigo wagon who distorted the interview with his jokes, and will also appear sporadically on the program Bal as a humorous member.

For its part, Federico Bal He spoke about his relationship with Roberto Moldavsky: “I love him very much and we are very friends. Here there are no hiccups, problems, or anything. This format is made for fun”.

What did Federico Bal say about his replacement?

Federico Bal will replace Roberto Moldavsky in One of two in El Treceand talked about it.

The actor went on air very morning (The thirteen)the program of Carmen Barbieriand told details about this new professional challenge: “I am at an airport, in Benito Juárez in Mexico City, about to get on a plane now and to get into the channel, start production meetings and so on.

“This news was quite unexpected. For starters, I love Roberto Moldavsky very muchwe are very friends, we really love each other very much and Before accepting and following the talks and proposals, the first one I spoke to was Roberto“he assured Fede Bal.

“Clearly before with the Valenzuelas, let me thank the Valenzuela brothers and all the people at Tres de Febrero, the production company of Rest of the worldand clarify that I am not leaving Rest of the world. Rest of the world Keep going, thank God. They want me to do well in my career and in my life.and that is beautiful, working with bosses who don’t only think about one’s team. Rest of the world It is a program that is a tank, things go very well for us, we get along well, we are happy and they left me this time,” highlighted the artist.

At the same time, Federico Bal confirmed the new schedule One of two: “This is a replacement. I think the two things can coexist to begin with because we are in the El Trece family and it seems to me that programs feed each other because people who see and like to travel on Sundays, maybe You will see me now from Monday to Friday in the program that Roberto made perfectly, entertainment for the whole family, at 4 in the afternoon in its new schedule“.

“The idea is to understand the format a little so that I can have it well seasoned because I don’t like compiling drivers. I think that, with a lot of respect, I’m going to have fun every afternoon with people,” concluded the son of Carmen Barbieri.

Why is Roberto Moldavsky leaving El Trece?

From the portal City Magazine reported that The comedian will soon say goodbye to the program to dedicate himself fully to theaterand will not be able to make the recordings because he will go on tour with his show.

Roberto Moldavsky

At the same time, they revealed that Federico Bal is chosen to replace Moldavskyand he confirmed it through a message on the network.

It should be remembered that the actor already has experience in hosting programs, since he is in charge of Rest of the world for several seasons now.

Roberto Moldavsky debuted with One of two In March of this year and before the premiere, he talked about his pass Telefe to The thirteen. “Was it a dilemma for you to leave Telefe to come to El Trece?” he asked. Adrian Pallares in Show Partners. “It was a dilemma because I get along great with the people at Telefe. But I wasn’t in the mood to go back to TV until something appeared that could be me. The issue here is that I am Moldavsky, if I have to play characters it gets complicated,” he responded. Roberto Moldavsky.

“Do you feel that Telefe did not finish giving you an opportunity for a greater launching platform?” he wanted to know. Rodrigo Lussich. “Telefe gave me a lot from the point of view of important programs“, said the actor. And he added: “To return to TV I wanted to be me. And Telefe didn’t have it now… or I didn’t have the superior idea either, I never brought them a humor project“.

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