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Fer Dente joined Manuel Lozano’s defense against the writer Nicolás Márquez after his conference on the LGBT community


Fer Dente He began his defense after the conference given by the writer Nicolas Marquez where he declared that homosexual people are “inverts” with “insane and self-destructive” lives.

After the answer he gave Manuel Lozano, the director of the Foundation Yestelling the difficult moments he went through as a boy for being gay that included conversion therapies, the host was encouraged to join in and also tell his side of the story.

in your program Tax haven (Olga), the artist referred to the figures that the speaker provided about suicide and drug addiction: “How do I explain to a guy who tells me all this statistical data that there is a factor that he is not seeing and that cannot be quantified. I hope that one day it will be possible because that way a lot of speeches will fall, that is feelings and that is love.”

Not only does a pit* and an ass turn me on, I fall in love with a man and I like that. I fall in love with someone who causally assumes that they are the same gender or who perceives themselves as me. But then everything is the same,” he said angrily in reference to his sexual orientation.

“I have the same problems, the same jealousy, the same insecurities. And, what’s more, not the same ones, I have worse ones. Because I walk hand in hand with a man on the street and I’m not thinking ‘oh how much I love him’, but I’m thinking ‘I hope no one yells at us, I hope no one hits us, I hope I don’t die’“, he opened up about his biggest fear when he goes out as a couple.

What Manuel Lozano said against Nicolás Márquez

The director of the Foundation Yes attended to street dogs (Urbana Play) and read the letter he wrote against the writer Nicolás Márquezwho touched sensitive vibes about his childhood.

“He said questions that seemed very terrible to me and I couldn’t not answer him. I felt that if I didn’t say this I couldn’t come on the radio. He said that homosexuals are insane, inverted, with a tendency toward destruction. That we are 7% more likely to be on drugs, that the suicide rate is 14% higher, that 75% of people who have a sexually transmitted disease are homosexual, that we are 4 times more prone to alcoholism… And that the life perspective we have is 25 years younger and very unhappy,” he referred to the statistics he provided.

I am not going to discuss the numbers with Nicolás because I do not know them and it is likely that some of those figures are real., but I do want to tell you some things from the inside and in first person. For as long as I can remember, I was always the school’s standard bearer. For some, that was something that made them happy. For me it was torture because going from where we were in the line to where the flag was meant 12 meters where everyone was yelling ‘fucking’ at me. On each of my birthdays, one of my three wishes was to ask, please, not to be gay.“, revealed.

Then, he added: “I never told anyone and I never experienced it, until I was 20, when I finally dared to tell it. My parents thought the same as you, Nicolás, which was synonymous with unhappiness. They took me to a poorly chosen psychologist who said I was sick and who, in turn, promised to change my sexuality. For more than 100 days, every morning when I woke up, the first thing I read was an email from this psychologist explaining the technique I had to use to commit suicide. Every day. And he argued with me why. When she came to my house, my family left so they wouldn’t see me“They sent my sister to study in another city so she wouldn’t live with me, because she was gay.”

“When I arrived at the sessions with this guy they sent me to, He made me wait at the door for more than two hours and then sent his secretary with a handwritten piece of paper that said ‘you are not worthy of my attention.’ Worse than what he did was that I believed it. Are we a population with a higher suicide rate? It may be, it is probable. But not because we are insane, but because speeches like yours taught us that we are not valuable and that we were the scum of this society,” hill.


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