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Florencia Peña explained how her bond with Marley is after the rumors of estrangement


Florencia Pena He was working all over the worldfrom the season he did in Córdoba with Mamma Mia! until the reality show he hosted with Benjamín Vicuña in Mérida.

In the midst of his busy work commitments, It began to be rumored that the actress had distanced herself from her close friend marley. For that reason, she spoke with Intruders (America).

However, he decided to deny all these versions: “Not with Marley. What happened is that I was away for five months. “I went to Carlos Paz, then I went to Madrid, then to Mexico.”

“We have a relationship with Marley, it has been going on for many years… we have been friends for a long time“said Flor Peña about her relationship with Alejandro.

What is the reality show that Florencia Peña recorded about?

Florencia Peña told her experience recording the reality show “Temptation Island“in Mexico with Benjamín Vicuñawho served in the role of drivers.

The actress revealed that “we couldn’t upload a single photo” because “they made us film a confidentiality agreement“. However, he assured that “we had a blast, imagine how we are going to have a time in paradise.”

As stated in Intruders (America): “It’s going to come out next year” but “I can’t say much more” despite having finished filming.

In addition, Flor Pena confirmed that with Benjamín Vicuña “we got a blast, I love him very much“. And he recalled: “We had filmed a movie not so long ago. “It was a nice experience where we met a lot of people.”


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