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Fury asked Manzana not to let her guard down with Los Bro after having seen their strategy


Juliana Furia Scaglione spoke with Manzana after having seen the plot that “Los Bro” made against the singer prior to the nomination gala in Big Brother (Telefe).

During the dinner they had after Nicolás Grosman answered the red phone, They exposed their desire for Federico Farías to leave the reality show. This generated discomfort in him since he considers himself very attached to the model.

For that reason, the little sister asked the “Virzana” member not to let his guard down with them because “people see everything, they know how they talk, what bugs they are. And you forgave them many times. That’s why when you stood there and started talking like a father, I looked at you as if to say ‘look how they’re going to f*ck you again’. Look what happened now.”

The Big Brother players saw the “Los Bro” plot live

The false profit was obtained by Nicolas Grosmanwho was the one who answered the red phone, and it meant being able to choose two participants to eat a barbecue at the SUM, where they could plot, in addition to having to place another player directly on the nominees plate.

Nicholas chose Martin Ku and Bautista Masciathe rest of “The Bros”, to accompany him. But while they believed they were chatting and plotting in peace, Santiago del Moro surprised the rest of the players by telling them that, in reality, the benefit was for them and not for Nicolás.

“You are going to see everything and you are going to eat barbecue too. When? Now. What you want to do with this information is up to you.. That is, they are going to plot and you are going to see it. It is the other way around today: you see what happens in the SUM. “They have no idea that you are watching,” the driver informed them.

In this way, in addition to being able to eat barbecue, the whole house was able to watch “Los Bro’s” dinner live, where their game strategies were fully exposed.

Big Brother
Big Brother players watching Los Bro’s plot

The reaction of Federico, Virginia, Furia, Emma, ​​Mauro, Dario, Zoe and Florence It was immediate: anger, irritation, insults in some cases. “Do we have a detonator?“, he threw Juliana “Rage”Scaglione to del Moro after listening to the voting strategy of “The Bros.”

At that moment, the host of the program asked the players if they planned to reveal to Nicolás, Chino and Bautista that they saw their plot and heard everything they said, but the house decided not to tell them anythingto. Given this, del Moro reminded them that they could not plot. “The son of a bitch who is here and tells this is going to hell.“he warned”Rage“to the rest of his companions.


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