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Fury exploded against Mauro, and Big Brother called her to the confessional: “I’m going to break your face”


Juliana “Furia” Scaglione exploded against Mauro Dalessioinsulted him, and Big Brother called her to the confessional.

Before a new elimination gala, the player came out like never before and shouted insults at her teammate. In the middle of the strong crossing she was called to the confessional and the transmission was cut off.

What happened between Furia and Mauro in Big Brother

Cag*n, I’m going to break your face. Cag*n, sore*e, you came to look for a camera, son of a bit…, stupid… shit… Let him show who he is, he’s an actor. Sore*e liar, forr*“were some of the insults that Furia launched against Mauro.

After the scandalous moment, Dalessio made a statement and expressed: “This is so you can see that the only one who fought with everyone in here is her, for a reason. She lacks respect, the only thing she wants is money, she has no self-confidence and that’s why she shouts, there’s a lack of respect… If you bank on that, it’s great. If you want to get me out, get me out, I prefer to get along with everyone and not fuck up someone just to make money. I stay super calm.” (Video X: @TronkOficial).

Even though they played loud music to cover Fury’s screams, it could still be heard from inside the confessional. “Is she the owner of Big Brother? I don’t understand. I can’t believe how she acts. They think it’s funny, that’s the point,” Dario was outraged.

In turn, when Juliana started arguing with Mauro, Arturo was close to them and got very scared. Given this, Martín took him out and took him to the patio so that the noise would not affect him so much, and users on the network asked that the animal be removed from the house immediately.

It is also worth remembering that recently, Rage had a violent attitude towards the dog when he yelled at itand Internet users accused her of being an abuser.

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