Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Guido Kaczka announced a new game within The 8 Steps: “You take a car 0 km”


Guido Kaczka announced a new game within The 8 Steps (El Trece) to win a 0 km car and surprised.

What the new game of The 8 Steps is about

The driver gave a mobile phone for the program Carmen Barbieri, very morning (The thirteen)and advanced: “I’m going to give you a scoop: From Monday, on the stage there will be a gasoline pump with a car 0 km next to it. If it’s not this Monday, it’s the next.”

“There will be a pump and the participants or their families, we will see how we do the mechanics, They are going to have to fill the pump with gasoline and stop it right at 000. If you put it there, you will take the car 0 km at that moment“he explained.

“That way we are going to deliver a very nice, divine car,” he assured. Guido Kaczka and assured that the 3 million and the department continue as a prize of The 8 Steps (The thirteen). “So now we have 0 km, 3 million a day and the department“.

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