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Nicki Nicole refused to speak on a cell phone when asked about her separation from Featherweight: “Thank you for the respect”


Nicki Nicole was interviewed by LAM (America TV), and answered questions about his new musical tour, and when they wanted to ask him about his relationship with his ex-partner Featherweight, and chose not to respond. For his part, he dropped a hint about how people would have to act at all times.

After his controversy with the singer, Nicky confirmed that he will give several recitals throughout the United States: ““I am very happy because it is a tour that has already sold out more than three cities and there are seven in total.” And I add: ““I am taking Argentina to the United States, I am very happy and it is a pride.”

The cycle chronicler led by Angel de Brito He asked her about how she is after her relationship with the Mexican singer, and she responded: “I want to thank the people, especially the people of Argentina for the love and respect they have always had.” And he detailed: “For me it is a pleasure that people are always present with me and always with you out of respect.”

Nicki Nicole spoke on LAM after her separation from Featherweight
Nicki Nicole spoke on LAM after her separation from Featherweight

Finally, Nicki Nicole referred to the mental health of Tini Stoessel: “I am proud that she represents us as an artist and that I know her more and more as a person every day… I feel like I met Martina with this album.”

What did Nicki Nicole say about Tini Stoessel’s recital?

Nicki Nicole attended one of the shows Tini Stoessel at his album presentation a lock of hair in it Hurlingham Club.

For this reason, he took a moment of introspection and told how he personally lived this experience: “It’s really 100% worth it, it’s crazy. In fact, when the sky mixes with the show, it’s cinema. It was crazy, it made me feel many things. I got home and started listening to Buenos Aires al palo because it’s my favorite song. There I said ‘what a woman’. It moved me for good, the cry was personal and also from pride in being able to see her being herself.”

In addition, he left the door open for them to come together to collaborate: “Yesterday we talked about getting together in the studio. It would be good. I feel that Tini, like me, is a person who flows from a more human side. ‘Hey, let’s get together to make music’ and if it works out, it works out, and if not we’ll get together.” we knew musically”.

After listening to the beautiful words of Rosario, Nicki Nicole He dedicated a message to her via x (ex Twitter): “I admire you a lot too. Thank you for your words, they made me emotional and touched my heart. It was very nice and an honor that you came. Thank you my queen.”

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