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Jahn Teigen tribute in the Eurovision semi-final


Jahn Teigen together with Wenche Myhre after the Norwegian MGP final in 1983. They won with the song “Do Re Mi”, and Jahn Teigen finished in 9th place in the international competition. Photo: Inge Gjellesvik / NTB

Of NTB | 05/09/2024 22:04:04

Culture and entertainment: – We have seen many legends participate in Eurovision over the years, but few have left as clear a mark as the Norwegian singer Jahn Teigen. He represented his beloved country no less than three times and each time he brought something unique to this competition, the presenters said in one of the semi-final break sequences.

In the TV broadcast, you could see clips from Jahn Teigen’s three international final contributions throughout history: “Mil etter mil” in 1978, “Adieu” in 1982 and “Do Re Mi” in 1983.

– He debuted in Eurovision in 1978, and he finished in last place with an unforgivable zero points, said the presenters.

– But that didn’t stop Jan from coming back, and coming back again. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2020, and Norway and Eurovision lost one of its greats.

Clips from several other cult classics that ended up at the wrong end of the score scale in the TV broadcast were then played.

Jahn Teigen participated 14 times in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix finals and thus three times internationally.

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