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Joaquín Furriel analyzed the current situation in the country within the framework of the University March


Joaquin Furriel He immersed himself in the current situation of the country based on the analysis of the government of Javier Milei. Likewise, he gave his opinion on the controversial statements of Guillermo Francella.

The actor is currently living in Spain until September for work reasons but, in any case, he expressed his dissatisfaction with the present of culture: “I think that when you are in international contexts, you realize the concern there is. Sovereignty is also cultural, sovereignty is in many aspects, it is a huge loss not to take charge. It is what is convenient for the government. “The current government seeks to install whatever it takes to avoid taking responsibility for things that are happening, on the one hand.”

I had expectations with the government, about how they could work with the disillusionment that many of us have with the political leadership. I was interested in this government, the attack on caste for example, to see how you govern without caste. Now, it is a government that has the candidate for President of a government that governed for four years and has the candidate for President of a government that governed three times, I don’t understand anything, I’m lost“, he was sincere in very morning (El Trece) about his ideology.

In addition, he made reference to Francella’s analysis of the current president where he expressed: “I am uncertain to see when the drinking ends and to see when we start to enjoy these measures more. They were more than necessary, it was known that there was going to be a major surgery, they said it in the campaign and they strictly complied with it.” So he declared: “I have my opinion and I respect Guillermo’s opinionit is their way of evaluating at this moment.”

Finally, he spoke about the University March that is being carried out in all provinces in support of public education: “I trained as an actor at a public university and I am proud that my country has trained me to represent it. “I don’t think there is anyone against the UBA, it must be a very small sector that must be very ignorant to devalue it with what it means academically at a global level.”

What the University March is about

This Tuesday, April 23, students and teachers of public universities They carried out a federal march to reject budget cuts under the slogan “in defense of public education.” Private institutions such as the UADE, or even the CGT, have joined in.


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