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John Swinney appointed as Scotland’s new First Minister


John Swinney was appointed as Scotland’s new First Minister on Tuesday, the day after he took over the leadership of the Scottish nationalist party SNP. Photo: Jane Barlow / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 07.05.2024 17:54:43

Policy: Swinney takes over the leadership role from Humza Yousaf, who stepped down last week after just over a year as Scotland’s First Minister and leader of the party.

Yousaf resigned after the government collaboration between the SNP and the Greens fell apart. The Scottish Government nevertheless survived the motion of no confidence raised against them.

Swinney takes over a difficult political legacy. Former SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon, who led the party for eight years, is involved in a corruption scandal, and the domestic political landscape in Scotland is very demanding.

The SNP leads a minority government in the Scottish Parliament. Thus, Swinney will need the support of another party to form a governing coalition or to pass legislation.

The problems in the SNP have given the opposition Labor party, which for the first time in more than a decade is ahead or level with the SNP in the polls, hope that it can take back Scottish constituencies and win a majority in Parliament in the UK election later this year.

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