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Jorge Rial attacked Furia from Big Brother very hard after his fight with Mauro


Jorge Rial talked about the behavior of Rage in Big Brother (Telefe) in the middle of the fight with Mauro D’Alessio where she was called violent.

The host, who knew how to play his role in this reality show, repudiated Juliana Scaglione’s attitude: “It’s already scary, I really say that. “What I see in the cuts is that she surpasses the driving, the production, her personality is terrifying.”

Furthermore, he took advantage of his place in Argenzuela (Radio 10) to compare the participant with the figure of the current President Javier Milei: “And I think it is a reflection of what is happening today in society, the easy shouting, the easy insult, the running over you”.

I would put a limit on her, which I don’t think has been put on her by constantly putting her in a tackle because Fury has a lot of support outside.. I, personally, would remove her from the program. Furthermore, I would make a big show, I would be alone with her for two hours like Brian Lanzelotta,” he compared this situation with that of the former participant who was expelled for having exercised violence against her girlfriend at the time, Marian Farjat.

How is Fury’s figure currently in Big Brother?

Juliana Scaglione She is still one of the protagonists of the most famous reality show in the country and is in the news every day when something always happens, but it is not specifically because of her game, but because of her mistreatment of the participants.

After his strong confrontation with Mauro, The participant was sanctioned and nominated until the end of her stay in the reality show by decision of the production..

By continuing to fight with his partner in the flesh when Santiago del Moro had entered through the screen of the house, Big Brother He made the decision to speak with both of them in the confessional with the psychologists prior to the elimination gala on Sunday, May 5.

Then, many fans began to speculate on the networks that the production gave a strong warning to Rage for the last time so that these types of fights stop happening. In fact, the participant herself began to have somewhat strange attitudes regarding the way she played and she herself revealed them in front of everyone.

In the last few hours, in a video of @TrunkOfficial through X that went viral on the internet, Juliana He subtly told his companions in the room that “They told him to do his job in snail mode”alluding to his game inside the house.

Also, in other clips, Juliana talked with Martín Ku and Emmanuel Vich and assured that “they asked him to treat him well” in a conversation that would be related to Mauro.


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