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Luis Brandoni supports the statements of Guillermo Francella and supports Javier Milei: “We need things to go well”


Luis Brandoni spoke with TN Show after promoting his work “Lezama Park”, and gave his opinion on the current situation of the country, banking on the sayings of Guillermo Francella. Likewise, he joins the long list of actors who declare whether or not they are in favor of the government.

What did Luis Brandoni say about the president of the Nation?

“I have an opinion quite similar to that of Guillermo, because I would like the country to do well, as it could not be otherwise”he expressed and added: “I do not belong to that political sector, I did not vote for him as president, but the truth is that we need to do well, to do a little better. We deserve it. And I believe that Argentine society has proposed a change, obviously, and I hope things go well. “It is what all Argentines who love this country want.”

Regarding cuts in the field of culture, he remarked: “This thing that we are going to be left without culture is not true. It is a total lie, because here we have had many years of de facto governments and we, the radicals, sang in ’83 that democracy was coming for 100 more years.”

And continued: “The 100 years have not yet passed, but 40 years without military coups is a long time for this country and something has changed.”

Luis Brandoni hill: “People continue to trust in democracy, so all these things, strong demonstrations, disapproval because one thinks differently, do not seem to me to be closely associated with the idea of ​​democracy, and I continue to believe in democracy.”

What did Luis Brandoni say about Estela de Carlotto?

Carlotto’s Stele During the Memorial Day event on March 24, he asked to “wear out Javier Milei until he leaves,” and Luis Brandoni He reacted annoyed.

During an interview on the program Business community (LN+), the actor and former national representative for the Radical Civic Union (UCR) targeted the President of the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo for her statements.

Who does this lady think she is? They keep saying that there are 30 thousand missing, what’s wrong? but if you know… it is public and notorious that there are not 30 thousand missing“, shot the artist, visibly upset, denying the number of missing people during the last military dictatorship between 1976 and 1983.

“That is why CONADEP was established, which is a fact that I pointed out in my review, it does not appear in the film. If CONADEP did not appear, the charges against the soldiers who were being tried did not appear. But since Peronism did not form CONADEP infamously, he doesn’t figure in the film. What reasons are there to declare a non-working day? Personally, I think this is nonsense. The bloodiest dictatorship that the country experienced, it is not a good idea to establish a non-working day“, he declared Luis Brandoni after hearing De Carlotto’s request against the president.

“The bloodiest dictatorship that the country experienced… it is not a good idea to establish a non-working day. One idea would be to ask primary, secondary, and university teachers to talk on this day about what happened in the country, that what happened in the country be told again, as if it were a reminder of what we cannot forget,” he continued.

“As well as declaring a holiday on the day we invaded the Malvinas, I don’t know if there is any country that declares a holiday on the day the country lost a war for the first time, the Argentine Army,” he stated. Luis Brandoni about the April 2 holiday in commemoration of the Veterans and Fallen in the Falklands War.

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