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Luis Ventura spoke about his drastic decision to abandon social networks: “They tell me things that hurt”


Luis Ventura surprised by announcing his departure from social networksand after the repercussion he explained the reason for his drastic decision.

I got my balls swollen from people who want to live your life, who live advising you, who live by watching, listening and lying. They judge you and condemn you, as if they were the owners of your hours“said the journalist on the air In the afternoon (America TV).

A sum of things triggered me. I am in a very difficult time because I am assuming overlapping responsibilities like the Martín Fierro, which I have already closed 11 between now and the end of the year, and people call me, protest me… they write to me, they complain,” he continued.

They tell me things that hurt. Why don’t I upload photos with this child and with another… They are getting into things that are mine, I upload what they sing to me. Then I don’t share anything anymore and bye,” he complained. “Let people express themselves however they want, let them continue to think the same thing about me, but don’t make me put up with it. “I made a decision,” he concluded.

What happened to Luis Ventura

Luis Ventura He surprised in the last few hours with a personal announcement on the network, and received the support of his followers.

The journalist is usually very active on his Instagram account, where he shares photos of his work on radio and television, his daily life and also the moments he spends with his family.

But in the last few hours, Luis Ventura announced that he will stop interacting on said social network and explained: “People, I made the decision to leave Instagram because some have happened to me things about misrepresentation of messages, emoticons that are not mine or are misinterpreted“.

Luis Ventura leaves Instagram

The truth is that I don’t get along well with technology and I lived much of my life without this window to the whole world.“he continued.

And he concluded about his decision to disappear from the platform: “I choose my little story to tell and show it to those I really choose. Thank you“.

It is worth mentioning that the last post of Luis Ventura on Instagram it was May 1, where he ironically greeted his brother for Labor Day. In the publication, Carlos Ventura is seen cutting the journalist’s nails, with a flashlight to see better.

A few days ago, the driver also posted photos of his son Antoñito’s 10th birthday, all set with the logo of the Victoriano Arenas Athletic Club.

Luis Ventura leaves Instagram

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