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Man sentenced to prison for serious financial adultery


A man has been convicted in the Buskerud district court of gross financial adultery in an extensive case complex. Two other men have previously been convicted of money laundering in the same case. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

Of NTB | 05/07/2024 15:54:02

Crime and justice: – The case concerns extensive and serious workplace crime, evasion of taxes and fees, and circumvention of accounting and company law rules, says prosecutor Einar Salvesen Lieungh.

In addition to being convicted of gross financial infidelity of NOK eight million against two limited companies he controlled, the man has been convicted of gross money laundering of around NOK 1.2 million and gross accounting violations, Økokrim states in a press release.

The prison sentence is unconditional.

The district court writes in the judgment that “it is a case of systematic gross adultery and money laundering, primarily through fictitious invoicing, which is a major social problem”.

– Two men were used as money mules by the main man. The punishments they have received show that there are consequences if you allow yourself to be used. The money you have received will also be confiscated, says Salvesen Lieungh.

These two people were sentenced earlier this year to 75 days’ unconditional imprisonment and six months’ conditional imprisonment, respectively.

According to Økokrim, the sentence against the so-called ringleader is not legally binding.

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