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Mariana Fabbiani remembered how she felt the day she interviewed Nahir Galarza


Mariana Fabbiani He remembered that day in March 2019 when he interviewed, in a one-on-one interview, Nahir Galarzawithin the framework of imminent movie release which tells the life of the young woman who murdered her partner Fernando Pastorizzo.

The native of Entre Ríos, She had become the youngest woman to receive a life sentence.and knowing the reason why she decided to become a criminal was the great mystery that was handled in society.

For that reason, Tomorrow’s Diary, at that time broadcast by El Trece, struggled to get that note, which was very difficult, but they finally achieved it thanks to Galarza’s desire to come out and speak. However, as the driver revealed, “Nahir wanted us to bring him clothes”.

Then, Mariana commented on how she felt when starting a conversation with her: “There are moments when I see myself trying not to get confused. I didn’t feel pity. These personalities leave you very charged. I left anguished, a terrible anguish. Dress like when you talk to a psychopath who makes you feel guilty. It was a feeling of confusion that was generated in all of us. A cameraman told me ‘how divine she is’ and I said ‘nooo’. “It was the style she had.”

“There was tension in the interview, suspense, it was overwhelming… and that silence that never ended”, said the presenter, who also revealed that she had prepared especially for that note. In addition, she said that “for me it was important to create a good climate for me to speak.”

“I was going to get to know her in depth and see if she said something that she didn’t say before. And some of that happened because she made some silences… and I could say that it even shows in the moments that she lies. His gaze is quite transparent. Without the intention of judging, because she had already been convicted, she wanted to know this personality: as an orderly girl, who lived with her family, with her basic needs covered and suddenly is capable of killing her boyfriend from behind. she “concluded Mariana Fabbiani about her memory of the interview with Nahir Galarza.

When will Nahir’s film be released?

Valentina Zenere will be the actress in charge of starring in Nahir Galarza’s film, which already has a release date on the streaming platform.

The young woman from Gualeguaychú, Province of Entre Ríos, who was sentenced to life imprisonment After murdering his partner Fernando Gabriel Pastorizzo, he will have representation through a film created by Amazon Prime.

Today it was announced that can be seen from May 22 under the motto: “Learn the truth behind the story of nahir.

From the platform, they promoted the film based on real events with the comment: “Many secrets were kept that night”.


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