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Mario Massaccesi’s reaction when Mirtha Legrand criticized his appearance: “It took me a lot of work to become who I am”


Mirtha Legrand surprised Mario Massaccesi with an unthinkable aesthetic request in the open air of Having lunch with Juana – Mirtha Special (El Trece), and he responded forcefully.

What happened between Mario Massaccesi and Mirtha Legrand

The journalist was talking about your new professional challenge as a driver Matter of weight (The thirteen)when the diva interrupted him: “Why do you leave your gray hair?“.

Because I love them“, Massaccesi was sincere. “Take them off…“Mirtha asked him.”You say? Look, I’m a rare species: I like my gray hair, I love my wrinkles. The only thing I don’t like very much is the double chin, but I can’t help it.“, responded the journalist.

And followed: “They have offered me things done, but I don’t like it at all. This is what it is and it has taken me many years and a lot of work to become who I am, so I am very proud“.

Seeing that the communicator was very sure of himself, the diva stated: “Well, well, then leave them“. And he added: “I don’t like gray hair on a man as young as you, you look very young.“.

Although in 2019, Mirtha Legrand asked Mario Massaccesi a brutal question liveOver the years they were able to talk things out, she apologized and they reconciled. “I want to apologize again to my dear Mario Massaccesi. My appreciation and respect for him as a person and professional is absolute. #Mesaza,” La Chiqui wrote at that time on the network, after she consulted him twice on her program: “ Were you raped?”

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