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Maxi Trusso was publicly denounced after not paying six months of rent


Maxi Trusso was mentioned again in a scandal but, this time, it is not a negative criticism of new musical genres but of a large monetary debt you owe to your homeowner.

The DJ and singer rents a property in a very expensive neighborhood of Tigre, in the Nordelta area. It has access to the lake, which is why Diego Maradona rented it at the time..

The complaint was made by the owner in a WhatsApp chat where several residents of the neighborhood meet. There, he sent a message announcing: “My name is Ricardo del lote (…). I wanted to inform you that I have had a tenant for 6 months who has not paid me, he became an intruder in my house in the neighborhood. His name is Maximiliano Trusso“.

“I inform you so that you can be attentive in case he wants to rent the house of one of you, because I will be removing him shortly with the public force and, surely he wants to scam someone else“, he cordially warned them about the artist, as shown in Show Partners (The thirteen).

The robbery that Maxi Trusso suffered months ago in his home

Maxi Trusso suffered a brutal robbery when criminals entered his home and took the safe with all its contents. The singer was not at his house and it was he himself who made the complaint when upon returning he found the unpleasant situation.

The 52-year-old singer lives in the Santa María de Tigre neighborhood. Some details of the robbery were specified by Carlos Salerno in ‘BDA’ (America TV). They waited for that moment when Maxi was not there. “Just the security camera on the corner wasn’t working,” the journalist specified.

Then he detailed: “There was a safe that they unwrapped, took it out and took it away. There was a significant sum in dollars.” Furthermore, Maxi alarmingly mentioned that he was missing a ladder, which leads him to suspect people who might be working in the neighborhood.

Furthermore, in ‘We in the Morning’ (El Trece)also spoke on the subject and said that when the singer was asked who had access to the house, he said: “The men who do the gardening maintenance and me, no one else.” Immediately afterwards, he gave their names so that they could be summoned to testify.


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