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Nico Occhiato came to the crossroads after being questioned about the programming change in Luzu: “Let’s not talk nonsense”


Nico Occhiato he got fed up with the criticism of Luzu and came out to the intersection to explain why he changed the schedule for one day.

On Wednesday, April 17, the host decided to do a test so that the audience knows the different streaming cycles. For that he changed the usual programming schedule and obtained very good results.

Although he achieved his goal and celebrated it, Nico Occhiato took a few minutes to respond to the haters and colleagues of Olga who criticized him for this idea.

Why Nico Occhiato changed Luzu’s programming

I want to congratulate all the LUZU programs today that raised their usual audience, they all surpassed it on the day of LUZU Random. That was the objective for which we did this too, that people who did not know, know other programs“, he stated.

“That was the intention of the LUZU Random today, so I congratulate all the programs and productions today, the experiment was very good. It was an experiment and, be careful, I clarify this because there are people who think nonsense, that it was done to… This was done just for us, it is an internal LUZU experiment so that people know the programs and no more than that“, he claimed.

They started fantasizing, talking nonsense, so I said, let’s not talk nonsense. This is part of experiencing something that is not experienced because I did not see it on any TV channel historically of making a day of time changes. It is not something that they do the same now because they saw that what we do later is done, I say this just in case“warned spicy Nico Occhiato.

And he concluded his defense: “It’s just for that reason, It’s something internal, we’re not looking at anyone, we’re looking at ourselves., we change the schedules so that our community knows new programs. Because we have eleven programs and the same kid who watches us doesn’t watch the rest. The community is great because at the time we turn on it is even bigger. So the truth is that they do it now, you see?“.

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