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No information that an attack is planned, but many threats await


About 85,000 people took part in the Pride parade in Oslo last year. PST has now presented a threat assessment for this year’s Pride month. Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

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Crime and justice: – Very few of those who make threats have a real intention of violence. Several of them are minors. In many cases, the purpose will be to create fear, says the Police Security Service’s (PST) threat assessment for Pride 2024.

The threats will probably be made on social media during the pride month of June and in the period leading up to it.

Minister of Justice and Emergency Preparedness Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp) was also present.

The terrorist threat level is currently moderate, at level 3 out of 5, which means that one or more people probably have intentions to carry out a terrorist attack, but have not taken any concrete steps or have realistic plans.

It is considered 40-60 percent likely that both right-wing extremists and extreme Islamists will attempt to carry out terrorist acts in Norway during the year.

Population-rich targets with few or no security measures are still the most vulnerable terrorist targets in Norway.

The LGBT+ movement is part of the enemy images of both extreme Islamists and right-wing extremists. But terrorist attacks that have previously been carried out or prevented in the West show that other potential targets are hit far more often.

On the night of 25 June 2022, two people were killed and several injured when Zaniar Matapour opened fire on the pubs Per på kørnket and London Pub in Oslo.

In retrospect, PST in particular received harsh criticism when the 25 June committee presented its report. There it was concluded that the attack could have been prevented if PST had opened a preventive case against Matapour in the months leading up to 25 June.

PST presented its threat assessment for Pride at a conference on Saturday. The purpose of the conference is to ensure safe Pride celebrations and good cooperation between the police and organizers of Pride events.

– The threat from extreme Islamists has intensified compared to last year and appears somewhat more serious than from right-wing extremists. This is particularly as a result of the war in Gaza, as well as the increased global focus on Koran burnings, writes PST in the report.

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