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Norwegian football secured an important ranking place – the league champion into the last round of the CL qualification


Molde and Bodø/Glimt have played Norway up to 14th place on Uefa’s national club coefficients. Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB

Of NTB | 18.04.2024 23:43:43

Sport: Thus, Norway ends up in 14th place in the European Football Association’s (Uefa) national club coefficients. This means that this year’s champion in the Eliteserien will go straight into the final qualifying round for next year’s Champions League.

Should things not go their way there, Norway’s best team is guaranteed a group stage in the Europa League anyway.

New next autumn will also be that Norway has two teams in the championship. The team that ends up in 2nd place in the Eliteserien starts in the 2nd qualifying round.

The tension around 14th place lived on until Thursday as Greece had two teams in the conference league; Olympiakos and PAOK. The latter went clear for Brugge, while the former was held to a penalty shootout against Fenerbahçe.

Thus, Greece ends up behind Norway in the aforementioned Uefa ranking.

In March, it became clear that Norway was guaranteed at least 15th place in the Uefa rankings and thus five teams in the European Cups from 2025/26. Norway has passed Serbia and Ukraine this season, largely thanks to Molde and Bodø/Glimt’s European success.

The distribution of European Cup places will be as follows for Norway in the 2025/26 season:

* Two teams in the championship qualification (1st and 2nd place in the league)

* One team in the Europa League qualification (cup winner)

* Two teams in the conference league qualification (3rd and 4th place in the league)

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