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NRK broadcasts a much talked about documentary series about Kevin Spacey


“The star actor was admired around the world – until he was accused of sexual abuse. A deep dive into Kevin Spacey’s life, career and fall”, says NRK’s ​​description of the documentary. Photo: Sara Johannessen Meek / NTB

Of NTB | 08.05.2024 09:44:51

Culture and entertainment: Both episodes of the documentary will be posted on NRK TV Monday 13 May, NTB is informed.

In the USA, it is the streaming service Max that shows it, while it is the British Channel 4 that is behind “Spacey Unmasked”, which premiered on Monday this week.

In the series, ten men come forward with their accusations against Spacey. Most took place in the United States, others when the actor was manager of the Old Vic theater in London. With the exception of two early episodes, the same story is told, according to The Guardian:

An influential man made unwanted advances towards them, and neither of them felt they could complain. The newspaper gives four out of five stars and believes “Spacey Unmasked” contributes “something valuable to the discussion about sexual harassment”.

Women often get the message “forget it” and questions about how dangerous it is for your boss to put his hand on your thigh when no one is looking. In the documentary, according to the newspaper, you see a number of typically “strong men” – a boxer, a former marine infantryman – talk about how one experience leaves deep, psychological traces years later.

“Spacey Unmasked” producer Dorothy Byrne hopes the series can be “the start of a MeToo moment for men”.

Kevin Spacey denies all the accusations, and shared a two-hour long interview on social media in which he comes out against the series and the allegations of sexual abuse.

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