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NRK lost NOK 74 million last year


NRK delivered an annual result of NOK 74 million in deficit in 2023, but the operating result ended at NOK 13 million in profit. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Of NTB | 30.04.2024 20:44:03

Culture and entertainment: Last year’s operating profit before tax ended at NOK 13 million in profit, explains Finance and Finance Director Andreas Norvik at NRK to Media24.

The annual result is the operating result, in which expenses for tax and interest are included.

Norvik points, among other things, to costs linked to the new head office at Ensjø in Oslo as the background for the deficit.

The director, who to Medier24 describes the result as satisfactory, also points out that NRK has not received compensated salary and price growth in state aid in recent years.

– This means that we have been through some rounds of cuts which have been quite extensive. It has resulted in us having fewer employees, but also that the public offer has been affected, says Norvik.

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