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One by One: the profiles of the new participants of Cuestión de Peso in El Trece


Matter of weight (El Trece) returned to the screen with the leadership of the notable Mario Massaccesi, and the format will be the same: know the life story of the participants to motivate them to lose weight. Without a doubt, a difficult challenge, but not impossible since they have demonstrated in past seasons that eating well is synonymous with good health.

“We are at your house again. This beautiful bridge to good habits, to good health, to changing your life, because a better life is possible. And this year, 2024, we are going to continue showing it to you. “Let’s continue walking on that beautiful route.”assured the driver.

For his part, he presented a novelty: “It’s the usual program. It is a matter of weight as always, because the purpose is the same, I told you the bridge to good health, but it is a year with many new things. The first news is here on the right. “This year we have a grandstand.”

Then, he introduced the doctors in charge of carrying out the participants’ strict diet: Dr. Alberto Cormillot, Adrián Cormillot, Estefanía Pasquini, Abril Cormillot and Sergio Verón.

Who are the new participants of Cuestión de Peso?

Ernesto Cirillo Ayala: “I am 39 years old and I think I weigh 210 kilos,” shared the participant from Entre Ríos. The scale indicated that he weighs 191.2 KG, and he explained: “With the issue of obesity I can’t do anything, I can’t ride a horse, and I get tired of standing. “So I want to go back to what I was like before, when I was thin and I felt happy.”

And I add: “I am a chef, a master pizza maker. When he finished working, he saw that there was a lot of food left, and he always took it home. I want to change my life situation. Play with my daughter, which I can’t do. “Spent more time with my wife”hill.

Ernesto 'the gaucho' Cirillo Ayala.
Ernesto ‘the gaucho’ Cirillo Ayala. (screenshot El Trece)

Melina Gomez: “I am 27 years old, I am originally from the city of Bariloche, but I have been living in the Federal Capital for a year. “I came to study a degree in psychology”, stated the first female participant. The scale indicated that she weighed 152.1 KG, and she stated that “He would have trouble walking up stairs, tying his shoelaces, and he would hate physical activity.”

For his part, he added: “I don’t know what it’s like to have a skinny body. At 16 was when I was skinniest, but even so I was ‘the chubby one of the group,’” ended.

Melina Gómez 'the student'
Melina Gómez ‘the student’ (screenshot El Trece)

Marcelo Rosada: “I am 25 years old, I am from González Catán”said the boy who works with his family in a plastic injection factory. The scale indicated a weight of 179.9 KG, and he remarked: ““I don’t want them to be 30 years old and have to come and take me out of bed in my house.”

Finally, he closed: “Being obese took away my freedom to be me.”

Marcelo Rosada 'the play boy'
Marcelo Rosada ‘the play boy’ (screenshot El Trece)

Gabriela Natali Atamian: “I am 33 years old, I am from Flores, and I weigh 98.4″, he commented in his presentation. “I want to lose weight because I want to dance again. “I competed in a choreographic reggaeton group, I won all the national and international first places.”he remarked.

The scale indicated that he weighs 98.4 KG, the same thing he said in his presentation and added that he maintains a hot profile: “I have a page where customers pay for what they want to consume.””. However, he stressed that his parents are religious, and his sister is a pastor, so “they wouldn’t know anything about his other personality.”

Gabriela 'the dancer'
Gabriela ‘the dancer’ (screenshot El Trece)

Camila Deniz: “I’m from La Matanza, I’m 29 years old,” The sister of Thiago Deniz, the former Big Brother participant, began the presentation. “After my mother died, I fell into depression and started to gain weight. “I ate out of anxiety,” continuous.

The scale indicated that he weighs around 139.1 KG, and stated that ““He would stop going to clubs because they yelled ‘Barney’ at him.”. For his part, he closed: ““I want a change for my life.”

Camila Deniz 'the influencer'
Camila Deniz ‘the influencer’ (screenshot El Trece)

Paulo Fleitas: “I am 37 years old and I am from Ciudadela. “I will be weighing 145 kilos,” the young man began. His weight on the scale was 139.7 KG, and it is much lower than he thought. And he continued: “I was born in Uruguay, when I was six years old my parents divorced, my mother made the decision to come to Argentina. For security reasons, she didn’t go out much and she spent a lot of time on the couch watching TV.

Fleitas hill: “I started to gain weight when I was nine years old and in my adolescence I had 10 or 15 kilos more, and I tried to channel everything through food.”

Paulo Fleitas 'the Uruguayan'.
Paulo Fleitas ‘the Uruguayan’. (screenshot El Trece)

Victoria: “I am 34 years old, I am from Villa Pueyrredón and I weigh 135 kilos,” began in his presentation. Likewise, the scale indicated that she weighs 200 grams more than she said.

“From the age of 16 onwards I gained a lot of weight. They killed my dad when I was two, he was a police officer and he had gone to guard. “It was very hard not to have him,” express. And he ended the presentation by stating that “she would remarry her husband as an exemplary bride.”

Victoria 'the mother of the miracle'
Victoria ‘the mother of the miracle’ (screenshot El Trece)

Matías: “I am 38 years old, I am from Floresta,” began. The scale indicated that he weighs around 192.9 KG, the heaviest in the program. However, he admitted: “I don’t attribute my overweight to something specific, but it could be that my father’s death caused me to suffer a lot and let myself be.”

Matías 'the street vendor'
Matías ‘the street vendor’ (screenshot El Trece)

In the program on May 7, we will meet the last two protagonists of Matter of weight.

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