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Paula Chaves’ pride in her sister Delfina after the premiere of the series Máxima


Paula Chaves spoke about the great success that the series is Maximumwhere his sister Delfina Chaves She plays the Queen of the Netherlands, a native of our country.

It has not yet been released in Argentina on the platform Max, since the creators wanted to launch it first in Europe, where it has already been talked about. In this sense, the model guaranteed in Show Partners (The thirteen): “A total pride. Delfi is super studious, super professional”.

Although “I haven’t seen the entire series yet, they are sending me scenes by scene.” For that reason she assured that her sister’s work “is wonderful. I can’t stop seeing her as small as when she was a girl, but what she does is impressive.“.

Finally, Paula Chaves referred to the possibility of following in her younger sister’s footsteps in acting and stated: “It amuses me. I would love to venture into doing a series that has a topic that amuses me and a role that interests me and that I can do well”.

What will they tell in the series about Máxima Zorreguieta?

Delfina Chaves is the Argentine actress chosen to play Queen Máxima of the Netherlands. It will be launched on Max in August.

The miniseries will address the Queen’s youth, but when she was only Máxima Zorreguietaa young woman who worked for a banking entity in New York and met, at that time, the prince William, role played by the Dutch actor Martijn Lakemeier. The video was published by the ‘Videoland’ account from the Netherlands. The series is based on the unauthorized biographical book ‘Maxima Zorreguieta‘, authored by journalist Marcia Luyten.

“The strength of the series lies in the point of view of our protagonist, Máxima. By experiencing everything from her perspective, her point of view is different from what is expected. We will always see how the story unfolds before her eyes and that is what will capture the hearts of all who see it.Videoland producer Rachel van Bommel told him.


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