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Roly Serrano brought peace of mind to his followers about his state of health


Roly Serrano remains hospitalized after the car accident that he suffered at the beginning of March. However, the actor was able to communicate with his fans for the first time and bring them peace of mind.

Within the framework of the premiere of his latest film in which he will star, Rolando assured that “Everything is going well, I hope we will meet again soon”.

In addition, he took the opportunity to promote the film that will be part of the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival. Thus it was that the artist, through his Instagram account, announced: “From the clinic, I want to invite you to the world premiere at BAFICI 25 of Dead man.

Roly Serrano on his state of health
Roly Serrano on his state of health

How is Roly Serrano

Roly Serrano continues in intensive care after suffering a car accident at the beginning of March. Hence, His close friend Osvaldo Laport revealed new details of your state of health.

In dialogue with Primicias Ya, the theater director revealed how he is accompanying the actor in this difficult process: “As friends, as quasi-brothers I’m watching it periodically and his progress, his desire to be with us again and in art, of course, which is his fundamental pillar of life, are accelerated.”

“He is progressing very well, with the natural ups and downs, typical of any patient who has suffered a story like this”was calm and revealed what the last part was: “Today I spoke with one of his sisters and she told me that The doctors were very happy because he was without the respirator for a long time.I think it was 45 minutes. This is a lot”.

Roly Serrano and Osvaldo Laport
Roly Serrano and Osvaldo Laport

Likewise, he assured that “It is still not known when he will go from intensive care to a simple room, we are waiting for that”.

Finally, Osvaldo Laport made reference to the day they spent last Monday on Roly Serrano’s birthday: “I was also there as a friend trying to sing Happy Birthday to him, and the madman’s return is the smilebecause obviously he cannot communicate due to the tracheostomy, and the usual warmth.” “Thank God and life, the chubby guy is coming out”.


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