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RTVE eliminated the last Masterchef program due to criticism of the jury regarding mental health after the abandonment of a participant


Masterchef of Spain, one of the best-known cooking shows in the world, was at the center of controversy after a reprehensible reaction from the jury when a participant decided to leave the reality show. For this reason, RTVE He removed the chapter from his platform and Internet users filled them with criticism on the networks.

What happened to Tamara on Masterchef?

The event occurred when last week, one of the contestants, Tamara, He admitted that he did not feel mentally strong enough to continue competing on the reality show due to his emotional well-being and chose to leave the show.

“I am not giving as much as I would like and I am constantly nervous, tense and under pressure. Forgive me, but it is more important to be well than to disappoint you,” the participant began saying.

After his statement, one of the jurors reacted very badly, although Pepe Gonzalez He wanted to know more details about the reason for his abrupt decision. However, it was Jordi Cruz who approached her to grab her apron and pointed to the exit door.

“I wouldn’t ask him any questions. I’d say fine and bye. You’ve taken away people’s opportunities,” expressed the jury, who received thousands of criticisms for not knowing how to support Tamara.

For this reason, Paola Aragón Pérez, A journalist who viralized the video of the moment through her X account, repudiated the statements of Jordi and remarked: “It is absolutely intolerable that what just happened on MasterChef is broadcast on public television. Then we fill our mouths talking about mental health, but while there are no psychologists on public television, they do pay for this violence with our money.”

Criticism of the jury about Tamara's departure from Masterchef
Criticism of the jury about Tamara’s departure from Masterchef. (Capture: X)

The moment went so viral that the Minister of Health herself, Monica Garciaspoke on the subject and made it clear what his thoughts are on the matter: “No, prioritizing emotional well-being over hectic paces of life is not selfishness, but a brave decision. Our commitment to mental health involves addressing the causes that make life hurt. We do not want a society doped with caffeine and anxiolytics.”

Criticism of the jury about Tamara's departure from Masterchef 2
Criticism of the jury about Tamara’s departure from Masterchef. (Capture: X)

After harsh criticism, RTVE decided to delete this program and apologized through his X account: “The Corporation has removed the latest Masterchef program from RTVE Play and its networks. We regret the broadcast of content that should not have happened. The management has reinforced internal controls to avoid similar episodes. RTVE reiterates its commitment to mental health” .

RTVE and its statement after Tamara left Masterchef
RTVE and its statement after Tamara left Masterchef. (Capture: X)

Despite the commotion that this whole situation generated, the fans did not let the tragic moment pass when Veronica Forqué decided to leave Masterchef on his own, and then took his own life.

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