Thursday, May 30, 2024

The Liberals are considering closing down the party


Oddbjørn Sjursen represents the Liberals in Haugesund.

Of Egil M Solberg | 10.05.2024 17:51:23

Policy: «Without Filter» has information from several sources that the central leadership of the Liberal party is now considering shutting down party operations. This comes as a direct consequence of the changes in the Electoral Act, which became effective from 1 May 2024, writes the newspaper.

Locally, Radio Haugaland gets the readings confirmed.

The changes consist of the requirements to be able to stand for election in 2025 being increased to 1% of the population in an electoral district. This will in practice disqualify most small parties from standing for election in 2025. The law also increases the requirement to create new parties from 5,000 to 10,000 signatures, writes the newspaper.

For the Liberals, the changes to the law are considered to be able to lead to a decision on closure. All activity in the party is based on volunteering and it appears unlikely that collecting signatures to be able to stand for election in accordance with the new rules is feasible, writes the newspaper.


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