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Short track | Suzanne Schulting about transfer to Jumbo – “Short track remains my first priority”


In De Telegraaf, the 26-year-old short track star provides explanations about her new contract. If it fits in terms of program, I want to combine short track speed skating and skating in Milan. But above all, I don’t want to be lying next to everything. Short track remains my first priority.


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Initially, Schulting mainly wants to get better. “I’ve always had the need to skate on the long track. Moreover, it makes me better as a short track star. It has to be an interaction. The most important thing is that we look for the best way to get gold in Milan.”

Last month, Schulting broke her ankle at the World Championships in Ahoy. She is still in a cast, but expects to rebuild in 3.5 weeks. She keeps her fitness level on the bike.


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Together in one team

Schulting’s arrival at Jumbo is separate from the departure of Jutta Leerdam, director Sven Kramer says in the Algemeen Dagblad. “This has been going on for some time. Suzanne’s arrival to the team was certainly not arranged in two days. If Jutta had committed to us, they would now have been in one team.”

Kramer had long had plans to involve short track speed skaters in the team. “You see that short track and long track seek each other out more, because we believe that cross-pollination on both sides contributes to better sporting performance. This allows us to distinguish ourselves from other teams.”


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