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Silvina Escudero began to cry live after talking about her lost pregnancy: “I am honored to talk about it”


Silvina Escudero was invited to the program Juana Viale, Having lunch with Juana (El Trece), and revealed the hard moment she went through when she lost her baby months ago. The talk took place within the framework of a question she asked Mirtha Legrand, and led to a deep analysis of the dancer.

What did Silvina Escudero say about her lost pregnancy?

It should be noted that Mirtha Legrand She is in her granddaughter’s place, since she went on vacation with her partner and the host asked her about the pregnancy she lost. Silvina answered: “I lost a fourteen-week pregnancy. My husband and I have been searching for five and a half years. There are people for whom it is easy and others for whom it is not. And well, he cost me a lot.”

“I was very sad… I am a very positive woman, very energetic, very determined to move forward, but he hit me very badly and I had a very bad time. “My husband too, of course.”he explained Squire. And he added: “It is such a painful situation… It is a grief that is so silent, so personal and so lonely.”

“No one wants to tell it. And generally, the woman keeps to herself, locks herself in, and goes through all her bodily changes and all her grief in privacy,” the dancer reflected.

“I am honored to speak about it because I am honored by my pregnancy and my baby. I talk a lot, I name it a lot in my privacy with my friends and my husband, I name it constantly.”, he continued. And in closing, he stated: “Pain is inevitable. Sadness is non-transferable. No matter how much one has empathy, the truth is that what each person experiences and each person’s emotion is non-transferable, it is personal and private.”

“Those who follow me on social networks know that I try to show the drive of life. “I am positive, but this time I fell hard and it was very difficult for me to get up.”finished Silvina Escudero.

What happened to Silvina Escudero?

On Monday, January 22, on the air of LAM (America TV)the driver broke the silence about his delicate news, and expressed: “Many people have been wondering about her health for a long time, she disappeared, she stopped working in 2019 and distanced herself from the media, she stopped doing theater and practically everything”.

“I was looking to be a mother, what I am going to say I talked about with Silvina for a long time, she asked me to tell it because she is bombarded with messages and she still doesn’t feel strong enough to go out and tell it,” he clarified.

Then he detailed: “She is very sad, Silvina was pregnant, I had found out, I wrote to her, she confirmed it to me very happy, I was waiting for the three months to be over, and when they arrived she told me to wait a little longer, I will not go into details but in the week 14 lost her pregnancy and this is the issue that kept her so far away.”.

Furthermore, she explained that they did everything they could to be able to have a child, but the situation became complicated during the process. “First she decided as a family project to look for a baby with treatment, with her husband. Finally she arrived, she hid for a while because she didn’t want her belly to be seen and then the pregnancy was interrupted.”he concluded.

Finally, Angel de Brito He assured that his sister Vanina Escudero and her husband (Frederick) They were a great support for her.

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