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Sol Pérez targeted Laura Ubfal and Eliana Guercio for criticizing Coty Romero in Big Brother: “I don’t like that they treat women like that”


Sol Perez he got tired of the mistreatment of Laura Ubfal and Eliana Guercio to the participants of Big Brother (Telefe)and this time he referred to the sayings against Coty Romero after her elimination from the house.

What happened between Sol Pérez and Laura Ubfal?

The panelist was in the streaming of Rumis (The House) and questioned the accusations that the former little sister received about her play in the reality show. During this Monday’s program at The debate, Ceferino Reato also had a strong disagreement with Eliana for her sayings.

Without missing your opportunity, Sun He mainly targeted Laura: “I don’t like that they treat women like that. It seems to me that she constantly falls into gender stereotypes and Coty was accused of trying ‘with one and another’. I gave her the opportunity and told her ‘ What did you mean by that?’ She understood me and I let her pass.”

By not measuring situations with the same yardstick for all participants, the panelist added: “Laura had asked that to Coty who had left the house on Sunday. I love her, but lately she has some things that fall a lot into the gender stereotype. It’s very ugly to hear them say that to a girl who is in a game”.

What happened between Sol Pérez and Eliana Guercio?

On the other hand, he attacked Eliana Guerciowho also criticized the Corrientes: “Eliana also said something ugly to Coty, as if to say ‘don’t you think it’s ugly that you like Bauti and then you were going to go to bed and Chino was behind.’ What is her fault that Chino is behind? In other words, throwing him out “I blame her for the behavior that kids who are big, who have the nerve to take charge of situations, were having.”

“It seems to me that we always blame the girl for what three big kids do,” concluded Sol Perez in the face of criticism towards Coty Romero.

What happened between Eliana Guercio and Ceferino Reato?

Eliana Guercio crossed to Ceferino Reato for treating her “misogynist” in Big Brother (Telefe) and the panelist defended himself without any type of filter in the middle of the debate after the elimination of Coty Romero.

The analysts talked about Corrientes’ game within the reality show, but Guercio and Laura Ubfal They questioned her because they assured that she entered the house to “approach men” with the intention of breaking up the groups.

Among so many discussions, Agostina Spinelli was one of the first people who began to rebuke his fanaticism for Juliana Furia Scaglione to Ubfal since several in the study believe that they do not measure situations with the same yardstick between the most controversial player in the house and all the other participants.

Then the couple Sergio Chiquito Romero He spoke and gave his opinion about Coty: “He came into the house, he revolutionized it, he was great, but it was of zero use to her as a player.”

There, he took the opportunity to make a comment towards his partner and noted: “Ceferino, I am not going to allow you to disrespect me again by calling me a misogynist.”

Without staying silent, Reato he remarked: “You’re a misogynist, that’s the problem. It’s not disrespect, it’s a description. Misogynist, you hate women.”

“I don’t know you at all, it’s the first time I’ve seen you here in my life. I’m not going to allow you to blame me for disrespecting me,” he claimed Guercio.

Finally, Ceferino Reato He highlighted the crossing he had with her along with Sol Perez a few weeks ago, and concluded: “Don’t act like a nun because you say terrible things about me and I take it as a game. Last week you were very aggressive with Sol and me. I don’t like nuns. If you want to be aggressive with me, ignore my answer “You attack me and don’t listen to my response.”

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