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Soledad Larghi announced that she is pregnant with great emotion: “It was three years of treatment”


Soledad Larghi confirmed that she is pregnant again, and Daniel Ambrosino was the one who broke the news about the end of America News (America TV).

In the middle of the program, the journalist put the information on hold and revealed: “She is going to be a mother for the first time. She has been wanting this pregnancy for a long time. The family has been waiting for this pregnancy for a long time and finally two months ago she began to confirm to people very close to her that she finally became pregnant. She is waiting for November” .

Then, he approached his partner to congratulate her along with the entire team, and she stood in profile to show her pregnant belly. “You can’t hide so much anymore. It’s already starting to appear”he expressed.

Later, the video of his partner arrived Luciano to dedicate a few words to the future mother of his children and Loneliness he claimed: “I’m happy. It was a very long search, very nice, with a lot of learning.”

“Since we had a natural pregnancy loss, the pandemic began until now, it was three years of treatment. It was a super intense path. For us, for our family who supported us, supported us, it is tremendous news”he explained.

Finally, Ambrosino He asked her if the sex of the baby could be confirmed, and the host confirmed: “Yes, it’s a boy.”. And he concluded: “We are happy, this news reaches you and you erase everything that was along the way, and you say ‘it was worth it’. It is a happy ending in this story that obviously had its hard moments.”

It is worth remembering that Soledad Largui She had said in July 2021 that she had lost a pregnancy at week 10, so it was hard news to process. However, I trust that “the moment was going to come” and now she will be a mother for the first time to fulfill one of her dreams.

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