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Subway cars for the Fornebubanen will be 350 million more expensive


These subway trains are not cheap and Sporveien must buy at least 20 of these to have enough trains and carriages to operate the new Fornebubanen in 2031. It costs NOK 3.2 billion. Photo: Lise Åserud / NTB

Of NTB | 02.05.2024 13:55:58

Economy and business: A total of 20 new subway trains must be in place when the Fornebubanen opens in 2029. The carriages should cost just under NOK 3 billion: In addition, a buffer of around half a billion has been set aside.

Sporveien has negotiated with the suppliers, and now they are asking the city council to use NOK 350 million from the buffer. The price of the 20 wagons is thus up to NOK 3.2 billion, reports NRK.

The tramway is due to higher interest rates than initially assumed and a weaker krone exchange rate compared to the euro.

The purchase of carriages and the rebuilding of Majorstuen station comes in addition to the price for the construction of the Fornebubanen, which alone can exceed NOK 30 billion.

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