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Tamara Paganini had a tremendous confrontation with a live panelist: “Do you think that Telefe cares about you and your Mongolian brother?”


Tamara Paganini had a tremendous encounter with Meli Vinci, panelist of Afternoon Nosers (Net TV), in an attempt to defend the format of Big Brother (Telefe) and the attitudes of the players.

The former reality show participant visited Afternoon NosersCarlos Monti’s program on Net TV, and questioned the panelists for saying that Big Brother It is a bad example for society due to the violent comments and attitudes of the players.

What happened to Tamara Paganini

You have the right to get involved in other people’s lives, but is saying ‘mogolic’ wrong? They can’t give their opinion. The boys watch soap operas, where one quit and the other cuts his wrists… Is that a good example? And do you worry because they say Mughal? It seems so hypocritical to me, crazy!“, he declared Tamara Paganini.

Given this, the panelist Meli Vinci stopped her: “You’re mixing things up. You can’t refer to people as ‘Mogolic’. It’s wrong, you have to mark it. Tell them: ‘I think the term you are using is wrong.'” (Video X: @TronkOficial)

“Then Telefe would have to make a video to please the viewer, about why it is not said. Why would they do something like that? Or do you think that Telefe cares about you and your Mongolian brother?“, fired the media.

The crossover became more heated, and the panelist, who has a brother with Down Syndrome, responded: “It’s not like that, don’t get lost. He has Down Syndrome. Do not laugh“.

You’re not going to tell me if I laugh or not. Everyone is crazy here. Who are they to say what is right or wrong? I came here as a guest, idiot… I’m answering all the nonsense you’re talking to me, dude. No hypocrisy, don’t talk nonsense to me in front of me“he shouted Tamara Paganiniwhile Meli Vinci I tried to explain to her that she was wrong.

It is worth mentioning that within Big Brothermore than once the word “mogolic” was used as an insult, when it should not be used because it is discriminatory. From the Down Syndrome Association of the Argentine Republic (ASDRA) explain: “The word Mongolian used as an insult has a strong impact on the dignity of people with Down syndrome, who are stigmatized by a word that in current use hides the perversity of binomial thinking regarding what is normal and what is not.” .

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