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Tamara Paganini revealed that she had hit a participant in her edition of Big Brother


Tamara Paganini appeared on television again and remembered his passage through Big Brother (Telefe) in 2001, where she was one of the most remembered participants.

In an interview with Intruders (America) revealed an event that occurred inside the house but that the production did not decide to show: “Now they say ‘the violence that exists in Big Brother’ and We beat each other from top to bottom, I hit one of them inside the house too. “She was very brave.”

“At that time was it possible?” Florencia de la V quickly asked him since she was surprised that they had not expelled her. She then explained: “No, clearly you can’t. It’s the first rule they give you“.

There he called me to the confessional and I told him ‘I would do it again, three and ten more times.’ If you want, throw me out. But I was the goose that laid the golden eggs along with Gastón, they couldn’t get me out. “He told me he was going to think about it and then it happened,” he said of the all-seeing eye’s decision.

He even said that there are several important scenes that occurred that they did not share with the viewers: “I think they didn’t show it on the air, several things they didn’t show. The production chooses what to show and what not to show depends on how they want to run the program. Not all cameras are seen all the time. “There are things that happened that were not seen on DirecTV, anywhere.”

“Of course, in your time it was also with DirecTV,” Pampito said. So Tamara concluded: “Maybe on that direct channel you can’t see everything. There is always the button to turn off this camera. There are 120 cameras, turning off two of them doesn’t make a difference”.

What was Tamara Paganini’s time on Big Brother 2001 like?

Tamara Paganini must be the only Big Brother contestant who never signed up for the reality show but made it to the final. The truth is that at that time, to sign up for the casting of that first edition of the reality show, the applicant had to call a phone and leave her information paying eighty cents. 28 thousand people signed up. But Tamara never signed up. She had accompanied her boyfriend, El Toro, who did want to enter La Casa. On the day of the casting, a producer kicked her out of the place and she answered him badly. Five minutes later, the producer returned to invite her to audition.

The young woman spent 112 days in “the most famous house in the country.” At that time, she did not know that she was experiencing a historical event on television: It was the first Big Brother that was made in Argentina and the first, also, in Latin America.

Tamara Paganini had a past as a Buenos Aires bowling stripper that the reality show even exploited in the satellite programs, the chimentos. The final was televised on June 30, 2001. There were three thousand people waiting for her and the winner, who came from silence, from living in a house with just four participants. She had just escaped nominations, plots, sanctions, pledges, public votes and confessionals.

One of the blonde’s most memorable moments in the reality show was when they announced that the Margarita and Ernesto, cow and calf, would go home and Tamara Paganini cried without consolation. The cow was stressed and the calf had grown too big.

The night of the final had a peak of 38 rating points and Tamara Paganini left the House with Solita Silveyra’s harangue: “Go out dancing, little one, the world is yours!” The young woman went to her house with 39 thousand dollars in her pocket.

From that final in a TV studio they took her to a hotel, where she had to be isolated for a few days. The first thing she did was check her room. She was afraid of cameras and hidden microphones.


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