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Telenor warns against an increase in telephone fraud


Telenor warns against an increase in telephone fraud. In particular, the “spoofing” method is used. Photo: Emilie Holtet / NTB

Of NTB | 27.04.2024 16:42:18

The fraud method is called “spoofing” and involves the fraudster hiding behind a number that is fake, or that belongs to someone else, writes The online newspaper.

In other words, you do not see the correct telephone number of the caller.

– In the first quarter, Telenor Norway blocked 11.1 million fraud attempts, says information manager Julie Hæhre at Telenor to the newspaper.

Those who are called often get a Norwegian telephone number on the screen, but the fraudsters are usually based abroad. Using online tools or software, they change the number and country code.

– Many people find this very unpleasant, but it does not mean that your number has been hacked or stolen, says Hæhre to Nettavisen.

She nevertheless emphasizes that it is important not to give out personal information to callers, even if they claim to solve a “problem”.

– They can say, for example, that they have discovered an ongoing fraud attempt on your bank account, and that they must have Bank ID to be able to stop this, says Hæhre.

– Regardless of what is claimed in the inquiry, you must never provide personal information or card details. Also, never download anything on request or give strangers access to your computer or similar.

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