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The Big Brother participants faced each other in the leader’s test and there is already a winner


The leader’s test Big Brother (Telefe) was held during the morning of Tuesday, April 23 because, at night, the nomination gala will take place.

This decision was made since on Wednesday, when they get used to voting, River Plate will be playing their Copa Libertadores match against Libertad and it will be broadcast on that screen.

For that reason, the participants faced a challenge that required skill and a lot of patience to gain the benefit. In the same, They had to build a tower that would not fall with different kitchen bowls on a base that was unstable and they had to keep straight.

In the end, they faced each other Virginia Demo and Martin Ku in the end where they had to make the highest stack in a period of 20 minutes. So it was that, when said time was up, the Virzana member became the leader of the week for the first time in this edition.

Likewise, when the test began, a debate was generated on the networks about the fact that this challenge was used in the previous season of the reality show, where Coty Romero became the leader, and it was believed that he was benefiting.

How much would Coty Romero earn for being a Big Brother participant?

The woman from Corrientes went to the plate twice since she returned to the reality show, and her fandom showed that she has support abroad after being saved in both galas with positive votes.

As is public knowledge, staying in the house and the competition leaves a benefit for all participants, beyond the large prize that only the winner will win.

Coty Romero in Big Brother
Coty Romero in Big Brother

As announced Santiago del Morothe host of the program, Coty would receive the same monthly salary as his colleagues despite having joined later as a “ex-sister”. In this way, the participants They would have a salary of 300,000 pesos.


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