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The Big Brother Rabbit suffered an accident before a play and had to be treated urgently: “Look at all the blood”


Alexis ‘The Rabbit’ Quiroga suffered an accident in the last hours backstage of the play scoundrels, and Alejandro Cupito He uploaded to his networks the worrying moment that the former participant of Big Brother (Telefe).

What happened to the Big Brother Rabbit?

In the middle of a live Instagramthe actor and producer told how the situation was, while Rabbit He was sitting and without pants. “El Conejito has a broken foot. It’s terrible. He’s naked, injured, and the most important thing is that Tucu is going to hit his wound. High cut. How he cut himself. Look at all the blood, I can’t believe it” , he detailed.

In the video images, you can see how the Tucu Lopezwho acts with them in the play, helps the ex-little brother heal the wound. “In order to make the cut, you have to remove the hairs that are around the leg,” he pointed.

The Tucu It took approximately 10 minutes to heal the wound, and soon they were on stage to perform the play.

Finally, Alexis The Rabbit Quiroga He told how the wound in his leg was caused, and clarified that everything is fine: “Before going to do the show I cut myself with an iron at home, but luckily it’s ready. Passing the floors I cut myself on the end of the stick. As best I could, I healed myself and left.”

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