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– The branches we cut off are still standing


The letter A marks the spot where the two girls’ swimwear was found, not far from where the bodies lay. Photo: Cornelius Poppe / POOL / NTB

Of NTB | 17.04.2024 12:03:02

Crime and justice: The scene and surroundings were again marked with letter signs, in the same way as was done in 2000.

– This is the dam where the girls’ swimwear was found between 5-5.30pm on 21 May, retired forensics technician Tom Luka began.

Just a few meters further up, Lena Sløgedal Paulsen (10) and Stine Sofie Sørstrønen (8) were found later that evening – raped and killed. They had been missing for two days.

– Lena was partially lying with her upper body bent over Stine Sofie, Luka recalled.

He added that they were very sure that this was exactly where the bodies were found.

– The branches we cut off 24 years ago are still standing. We had to cut branches when we were going to take out the two dead, he says.

Luka and colleague Gøran Dyvesveen also showed other things at the crime scene, including cut twigs and an area where a lot of blood was found.

The court has also been able to see a number of other places linked to the sequence of events, including homes and the bathing pier at 3. Stampe. The inspection is expected to last until around 3 p.m.

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