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The Green Youth leader says that he took an overdose


Grønn Ungdom leader Tobias Stokkeland uses his own story of overdose to justify the political position that drug use must not be punished during MDG’s national meeting in Fornebu on Saturday. Photo: Javad Parsa / NTB

Of NTB | 04.05.2024 09:05:44

Crime and justice: Ahead of Stokkeland’s speech on Saturday during the Green Party’s national meeting, the 25-year-old tells NRK that he will go out with the experience he had as a high school student in Eswatini, formerly Swaziland, a few years ago. During a trip to the neighboring country of South Africa with some student friends, the 19-year-old tried a narcotic substance he did not know what it was.

– I took an overdose of a substance that I thought was amphetamine, but which turned out to be a South African street drug that has been described as “poor man’s cocaine”. It’s scary to think that we took something we didn’t really know what it was, says Stokkeland.

He says that at first he didn’t notice much, and therefore took more and more of the drug. In the end, he had severe chest pains and a high heart rate, and it all ended with a severe panic attack. Afterwards, I mostly thought that no one dared to call for help because they were afraid of being caught for something illegal.

– I was such an experimental youth. And it was about to go really wrong because I was afraid of being caught. I want us to stop punishing the use of drugs and rather help those who need it, says the youth politician to NRK.

Leader of MDG, Arild Hermstad, says that he thinks Stokkeland is brave in coming forward with this story.

– I am very happy that it went well and that he is doing well today, says Hermstad to NTB and continues:

– Tobias’s story shows how dangerous this can be, and we must take care of everyone who gets into problems with drugs. Don’t punish them. It is high time to get started on drug reform. This is about people’s lives and health, says the party leader.

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