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The day Natalia Oreiro gave a dress to La Negra Vernaci to deny the rumors of a romance with Luciano Castro


La Negra Vernaci reunited with her former great love Luciano Castro where they remembered how jealous they were of each other. In this context, Mariana Brey revealed an anecdote about a gift he gave her Natalia Oreiro to the announcer when she thought she was dating the actor.

In this way, he counted on Show Partners (El Trece): “Do you remember the scandal with Natalia Oreiro? When she lovingly sent La Negra a size XL dress. It was said that Nati had had an affair with Luciano Castro, I don’t know what fiction they were making. It seems that La Negra was very angry with that and was the one who somehow made this information known. “Natalia never answered anything and sent her a package of her brand with a sheathed dress.”

However, Nancy DurĂ© contradicted her: “I think it was the other way around, I had sent him a small one with a sign that said ‘enjoy it'”. But the panelist closed: “No, I don’t think that bad temper. She sent him one in her size.”

The message that La Negra Vernaci’s son dedicated to Luciano Castro

Luciano Castro burst into tears in the middle of the program Golden Generation (Olga) upon hearing a message that Elizabeth’s son sent her Black Vernaci, Vicente.

It is worth remembering that The actor and the announcer were a couple 15 years ago, and were together for five years. For this reason, Luciano shared time with Vicente when he was a boy, and now, at 21 years old, he remembered him with great affection.

“I want to share some of the teachings that Luciano left me. He taught me how to hit well. I want to say that I was between 2 and 7 years old… but the good thing is that they never hit me,” the young man introduced.

And followed: “He also taught me how to drink soda from the spout. For someone addicted to soda like me, it’s the best thing that can happen to you. I still do it and highly recommend it.”

“And lastly, it’s something recent: I looked down, I got confused and crashed the car. It’s something I saw Luciano do. That said, I love you very much and I have the best memories with you“, concluded Vicente.

Seeing the dedication, Luciano Castro He burst into tears and was very emotional because he remembered that he shared many things with Vernaci’s son when he was little.


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