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The Norwegian Road Traffic Association fears more uninsured vehicles on the road


Many people choose to temporarily deregister vehicles such as motorcycles, motorhomes, vintage cars and convertibles for the winter. Then you must remember to arrange insurance before taking the vehicle into use, reminds the Traffic Insurance Association. Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB

Of NTB | 24.04.2024 09:21:06

Crime and justice: – People must by all means not drive without insurance and registration in place. It is illegal and can lead to millions in debt, says manager Roger Stenseth of the Traffic Insurance Association.

The association pays compensation to the victims where the tortfeasor is uninsured. The uninsured must repay the entire compensation amount.

– In the case of traffic accidents with personal injury, the compensation amount can reach many millions of kroner. In addition to the burdens of an accident, you can become a debt slave, says Stenseth.

Around 700 uninsured vehicles have caused damage in the past year, according to figures from the Traffic Insurance Association. Half of these were deregistered.

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