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The shocking case of harassment that Ronen Suarc experiences, similar to that of Baby Reindeer: what is his story


Ronen Suarc He is an Argentine journalistwho currently resides in the United States, and that his name has begun to be heard on the networks because of the story of harassment he is experiencing, very similar to that of Baby Reindeer.

The case of the comedian has given a lot of talk due to the series he created Netflix to tell what happened after helped a woman who was in a vulnerable state and which ended up becoming an unhealthy relationship.

In this framework, Ronen relates the parallelism that exists between his narrative and that of the comedian: “The truth is that at first, a little for those who saw the Baby Reindeer series, you minimize it, because this person is sick in the head and is going to get over it. He’s very psychopathic, he attacks you, he tells you everything and then he says total love.”

In dialogue with Josefina Pouso in Splendidthe communicator explained: “We counted more than 1000 emails, 30 or 40 Instagram accounts. I am now streaming from New York and he sends me messages on YouTube and it is something unbearable. “I’m afraid that something will happen, although in principle we know that he is in Argentina.”

She grabbed Majo Martino because her fantasy is that I am her partner and she would be the third in contention. Besides, I say that I am bisexual and she says that that is all a lie and that I am her boyfriend and that Majo is the intruder. And she invents that I’m going to Buenos Aires just to be with Majo. He sent messages to her and to all of her coworkers,” he mentioned what the panelist’s participation was.

The complaint that Ronen Suarc made to his follower

In the interview, he recounted his greatest fear: “I’m afraid that something will happen to me or my loved ones. There comes a time when the crazy thing becomes a total danger, then until then one sees where to set limits.” For that reason, “what I did was file a complaint with the digital crime prosecutor’s office for digital harassment and threats. And, in this specific case, Justice is moving. The important thing is that they find her, explain to her that it is a crime and that she cannot continue doing it.”

In the case of threats it is 4 to 6 years and harassment is a little less the penalty but, at the very least, I want to warn you that this can happen. The family would have to support her to do therapy because she really needs it. “This is the big problem of mental health,” she said about the possibilities of her going to prison.

Finally, Ronen Suarc: “I cannot carry out my work normally because there is a person who is harassing me. At one point you don’t know what else to do. You start to feel harassed and afraid“.


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