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The uncomfortable moment that Rosina Beltrán spent with a group of fans


Rosina Beltran revealed an uncomfortable situation that he suffered in a bowling alley after passing through Big Brother (Telefe) with some fans who were there.

After being part of the reality show, when the former participants leave they face a completely different world with which they entered. In this context, viewers ask for photos and record them in different public spaces where they encounter them.

For that reason, Gaston Trezeguet He consulted the Uruguayan: “Rosi, how are you getting along with the exhibition?” Then, he was honest: “It’s quite shocking at first. I love receiving love from people but there are moments…”

“For example, The other day I was at the bowling alley, I was dancing with my friends at ours and I see that there are people filming me. “Those things make me feel uncomfortable because I feel invaded,” she said in It got stung (República Z) the little sister about her relationship with fans..

“I didn’t tell them anything but I felt quite invaded. That they come and ask me for photos, I am very confident, I love it. But being filmed without my consent“I know I’m exposed and it can happen, but I don’t like it,” she said. She even revealed: “The other day I grabbed and left the bowling alley. “I threw the smoke bomb.”

How is the bond between Rosina and Lucía after leaving Big Brother?

Rosina Beltran He was in Relentless (El Nueve), and answered the panelists’ questions about his life, and how he could not miss his relationship with Lucia Maidana after his departure from Big Brother 2023 (Telefe). Likewise, she clarified that they have an excellent relationship, and that for the moment they prefer to be friends.

With Luchi we are very friends. If that. “I love Luchi a lot, they ask me in all the programs,” the Uruguayan began. Regarding the discomfort that was highlighted online when he reunited with Lucia, he stated: “Not uncomfortable at all, I know what Luchi is like, she is a sweetheart, she hugged me, I hugged her, it was a beautiful moment.”

It was here where he detailed how their relationship is: “We chatted for a while, we haven’t had much time to talk either, but oh well. We want to take care of our friendship as much as possible”. And finally, Rosina Beltrán closed: “What each one feels for the other, she and I know, and I’ll stick with that.”


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