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The wettest April month in over 60 years


Spectators at a cricket match in Rawalpindi, Pakistan try to protect themselves from the rain. The match between New Zealand and Pakistan was played on 18 April. Photo. Anjum Naveed / AP / NTB

Of NTB | 05/04/2024 13:34:02

Nature and environment: A total of 59.3 millimeters of rain has fallen, which is more than twice as much as normal, the institute said on Saturday.

Pakistan has become increasingly prone to unpredictable weather, in addition to devastating monsoon rains, which usually arrive in July. In the summer of 2022, millions of people were displaced by the major floods caused by extra heavy monsoon rains.

In April, at least 144 people lost their lives as a result of thunderstorms and houses collapsing in the wet weather.

A spokesman for the country’s meteorological institute, Zaheer Ahmad Babar, says that climate change is an important cause of the unpredictable weather.

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