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They accuse Furia of mistreating Arturo in the middle of his tense crossover with “Los Bro” in Big Brother


Juliana Rage Scaglione went out of his way when he rebuked “Los Bro” because of the way they voted. In the midst of the screams, the controversial player was confronted by the dog Arthurwho barked at her when she stopped to continue confronting Nicolás and Bautista.

entry into anger, Rage He fiercely rebuked Nicolás, and then Bautista for defending his friend. In the middle of the heated fight, Arturo got between her and Los Bro, and when the player tried to get up the dog barked at her. This scared Juliana, who automatically yelled at Arturo to go with El Chino. Furia’s reaction was so unexpected that Internet users accused her of mistreating the dog, whose history of mistreatment is very harsh, and asked that she be sanctioned or expelled.

The outrage grew because the production quickly cut the broadcast when Furia was in front of Arturo.

What happened between Fury, Emma and Los Bro

Furia and Emmanuel couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go all out against “Los Bro”. The duo revealed to the trio that They saw everything that happened at the SUM after Nicolás obtained the false benefit. The tension escalated when Rage He accused Nicolás of being “false shit” and a “s**t shit” for his way of playing.. Emmanuel joined the attack, until Bautista intervened in defense of his friend and the discussion went from brown to dark oil.

In the midst of a shower of insults, grievances and complaints, Rage He launched: “They sucked the ass of a new mine (by Coty Romero). We are here and they don’t take care of us, and we do… that’s the fever.” for** of shit*** sons of re thousand p***! We are your brothers, not that shitty c*** that came“Juliana shouted.

“Why do they vote for Emma? Because it’s the most gifted thing there is? Go to the plate, cag*ones, cag*ones! You always vote for the same ones!” Furia continued, absolutely distraught. “What do I do with a guy who tells me something from the front and does something from behind?” Bautista said. “What do I tell you Emma, ​​fake, mask?” She added.

The conflict centered on the fact that, for Furia and Emma, ​​The Bro had broken the truce of not voting among themselves to get “the new ones” out. “Emma is hiding behind you, Furia,” the Uruguayan continued. “Don’t come and say that I’m part of your family when you give me vows,” Emma said to Nicolás, and called him a “masquerade, false, liar.”

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