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Unusual weekend queue towards Oslo


Friday is a packed day, and many people therefore consider their average to take a long weekend at the cabin. On Wednesday afternoon, however, it was towards Oslo that the queues were worst. Photo: Tor Erik Schrøder / NTB

Of NTB | 08.05.2024 17:14:05

Economy and business: Many have taken a long weekend and may be going to the cabin, to Sweden or to visit family.

– The traffic in the Oslo area is very smooth. The only thing that is abnormal is that, as a result of the new rules on the public transport lane, there is a queue into Oslo on the E18, says traffic operator Mette Brunæs at the Vegtrafikksentralen east.

This means almost a complete standstill in traffic towards the capital.

– There is basically more there than the other way around, but things go on and on, says Brunæs to NTB.

She says that there is otherwise a bit of a queue out of Oslo from Alnabru and beyond, where things are a bit choppy, especially from Karihaugen up to Hvam.

To the south there is a queue to Skullerud and Mortensrud, and a bit at Vinterbro, but mostly fine.

– It is conceivable that the queues will hang around a little longer than is usual on a Friday, says Brunæs. Earlier in the day, motorists were advised to wait until Thursday or after 6pm on Wednesday to leave.

It will probably be busy on the roads until 8pm. The driving conditions are dry and fine in Eastern Norway.

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