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Victoria Vannucci broke the silence on romance rumors with Javier Milei: “We have many things in common”


Victoria Vannucci was linked with Javier Milei after the president of the country announce his separation from Fátima Florezand talked about the versions that have been given recently.

Are Victoria Vannucci and Javier Milei together?

The rumor began to circulate when in mid-April, Milei received the distinction of “Ambassador of light” by the Jewish organization Chabad Lubavitch. There, there was a dinner, and the journalist Augusto Tartufoli in Partners of the show (El Trece) was the one who assured that “Vannucci had been present at that place with Javier.”

In a video he spoke for the program In the afternoon (America TV)the ex-partner of Matias Garfunke He clarified what is the only link he has with the libertarian: “I know that I am being linked to the president of the Nation, Mr. Javier Milei, for whom I have absolute respect. I respect the presidential figure, I respect my country, my people.”

“I want you to know that although we have many things in common, we share a love for Judaism, we share a rabbi, that in fact I send you a big hug, who has given me so much, has taught me so much, and continues to teach me so much day by day. day”he continued.

Then, he clarified that there is only a true part of all the information that was given: “I was invited to this famous dinner which I couldn’t attend. I was invited with my two children”. And she denied the rumors of romance with the president: “I think it’s a good time to clarify that I don’t have any type of romantic relationship.”

“At some point it can feel like a compliment, that the Jewish community, which is my community, sees me with these good eyes after so many years of work, of internal introspection. I appreciate that. As I also want to say that I have no thirst for power, thirst for politics. I promised myself not to talk about politics. The only thing I want is for my country and my people to do well, I have my family there too,” he insisted.

“There is no type of love bond, that is what we need to clarify in this message,” he remarked.

In addition, he defined himself as a person and mentioned all the coincidences he has with Milei: “I love who I am today, I have no thirst for power, to be able to be first lady. We share a love for Judaism, for the Israeli land, we share many things, but we do not know each other personally. I hope that with this video we can clarify it, as much as possible. important part of this message is ‘don’t worry, I’m not going to be first lady.'”

“I have my own goals. To continue with my work here in the United States and of course, to wish my country the best. Argentina, I love you. Good luck to Mr. Javier Milei and I hope everything turns out well, and I wish it from the bottom of my heart.”finished Victoria Vannucci.

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