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Yanina Latorre destroyed Laura Ubfal for denouncing machismo against Big Brother’s Fury: “You became a fan”


Yanina Latorre destroyed Laura Ubfal for denouncing machismo against Juliana “Furia” Scaglione of Big Brother (Telefe).

In the air of Yanina 107.9 (El Observador), the host made her defense against the “bolu… of the day” and declared: “Now to say that the attack on Furia by the media and networks is an issue of machismo… They have my balls on the plate with machismo!“.

You became a fan, Laura Ubfal. You love Fury in the same way that you hated Coty, that for much less you would put her in prison, and you would give her everything. I said that yours is subjective, that you want to defend her and you love how she attacks… Because I want to know if the kid talks to Fury about what you would have done. You cannot say that it is an issue of machismo and that is why we killed her. For me she is violent and I am not sexist, I would have said the same thing to a guy if he is violent,” she continued.

“It was violence. After it helps you… I know, Laurita, what’s happening to you. Last year, everything on Twitter made you ashamed, and now you are happy because since you defend Furia and you are not a fool… and you are afraid of the return on the networks, you ban because the Furious are banning you. “Do not lose credibility, it is better to continue being Laura Ubfal and not a Fury stocking sucker,” he concluded spicy Yanina Latorre.

What Laura Ubfal said about Fury

Laura Ubfal justified the violence of Juliana “Furia” Scaglione with Mauro Dalessio in Big Brother (Telefe) and generated a stir on the internet.

In Intruders (America TV) they were debating about Furia’s violent fight with Mauro during the elimination galawhen the journalist tried to tone down what happened.

“It’s a couple’s fight, that’s why the partners don’t get involved. Here there is something prior, why they came to this. This is a game,” said Laura Ubfal. “They don’t get involved because they prefer to expose themselves. Because that’s why they sting Furia, who has already taken out 18 people…”, he added.

Immediately online, Internet users targeted the panelist for not differentiating between reality and her fanaticism for Fury, and were outraged by her position of normalizing what happened.

In turn, the journalist wrote on her website that Mauro incited machismo against Furia: “With his slogan of ‘New Big Brother’, which consists of moving forward with those who are in the house today, without Furia, Mauro woke up in the networks, a trend that brings together many men who could not stand the relationship between the two. The most recalcitrant machismo reappeared behind this request and even more so when Santiago del Moro stopped Mauro live due to his claim of lack of camera, when he has 200 at his disposal. daily and, in fact, he was seen wearing them on Monday.

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