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Vipps sends out a fraud warning to all users: – Strong growth


Vipps sends out a warning on Tuesday against a rapidly growing fraud method. Photo: Vipps / NTB

Of NTB | 07.05.2024 11:05:02

Crime and justice: The scammers have become more professional, and people are being fooled. That is why Vipps is now warning against a more widespread fraud method called “spoofing”.

In this method, the fraudsters hide behind a fake phone number, where it can look like you are being called by, for example, the police or Økokrim.

– This is a rapidly growing fraud method. We see that the fraudsters are becoming increasingly professional and credible in their behaviour. This is a frightening development, and unfortunately it is often older people who are deceived, says Silke Øverby, who is responsible for risk management and compliance at Vipps.

The fraudsters often try to create stress in the victims, to get them to transfer the money elsewhere. Øverby is clear that neither the police, the bank nor Vipps will ever ask you to transfer your money anywhere.

Over 1,000 Vipps users make contact every single month because they have been defrauded or exposed to fraud attempts, according to a press release from the company.

– It is always sad when someone has been defrauded. I cannot emphasize enough that everyone must be very careful if they are contacted by strangers, or people who claim to represent Vipps, their bank or other companies, says Øverby.

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